Boundless = a sense of being without constraint

MIROSLAV PAVLOVIC / Visual-concrete objects and works with paper

exhibition runs from October 1 to 17, 2009 / SKC Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia

composition 2003, 2005, 2009, cardboard 1x0,60x10m

composition 2009, wood and steel, 40x132cm

LEGAL 2008, steel, 35x230x9cm

composition 2009, acrylic on canvas, 42x71cm

composition 2009, handmade paper, 65x45cm



by Stevan Vukovic

Boundless = a sense of being without constraint 

Miroslav Pavlovic produces visual concrete objects, in some instances they are formatted as paintings, in some of a sculpture, or installations, but they always stick to the frame of a peculiar system of investigating the basic elements of the visual language, by experimenting with means of material construction of the work.

Their intended references are just other formal experiments with visual language. Social contexts, and narratives which cross the borders of the artworld were systematically erased from the display, leaving the whole domain of signification to implications which are produced in the domain of the theory of forms by the manipulation of plastic structures in the controlled realm of the particular work.

His visual concrete objects do not represent, they simply exist: Their existence in a non-representational sphere is maintained by the constant work of negativity, by which the will of the author claims to produce a field of action independent of the actual social constraints.

Therefore the exhibition is titled as Boundless = a sense of being without constraint.